Warehouse Management System (WMS)
The latest technology offers efficiency and productivity gains

Our integrated barcoding system forecasts demand and automates fulfillment, providing substantial savings through a highly efficient model using the latest technology. Automating manual processes reduces data-entry errors, improves order-to-invoice cycle time and increases accuracy. All transactions are quickly and precisely tracked, right sizing on-hand inventory and streamlining the entire procurement cycle.

Key benefits of the Warehouse Management System include:

Inventory accuracy: Precise weekly cycle counts ensure error-free transactions

Increased fill rates: Orders are completely filled 99.7 percent of the time

Faster warehouse performance: Fast transactions reduce labor hours and head count

Paperless processing: Minimal paperwork reduces errors and data-entry time

Real-time data: Inventory and transaction data are updated in seconds

Automated notifications: Purchasing, operations and accounting departments know exactly where orders are in the fulfillment and billing processes

Faster load-and-go times: Linemen move in and out of the warehouse quickly for maximum time efficiency

Increased productivity: Warehousemen return time savings to customers

Improved mobility: Wireless access improves indoor/outdoor coverage