Our Sole Source Alliance with TEC has given us a higher level of purchasing efficiency. We're confident in the quality, the price, and the reliability of the products in our warehouse. We spend less time on overhead and more time serving our members' needs.

Kendall Montgomery

Kendall Montgomery

General Manager/CEO
Fort Belknap EC

TEC Sole Source Alliance Partner

Sole Source Alliance
TEC provides a single source for materials purchasing

The Sole Source Alliance offers an easy entry point into TEC's Strategic Sourcing program. As a Sole Source Alliance partner, you purchase all your materials in a single product category—such as wire or transformers—from TEC at a set margin. This provides a single point of contact, streamlining your procurement process to save you time and money.

Key benefits of the Sole Source Alliance program:

Cost savings: Gets you the best fixed-margin pricing using TEC's buying power and purchasing expertise

Time savings: Reduces the hundreds of hours spent quoting, bidding and negotiating utility supply acquisitions

Increased efficiency: Eliminates costly, time-consuming meetings with multiple salespeople

Reliable access to materials: Ensures availability through TEC's statewide distribution network and shared national inventory