Repair Services

Repair Services
TEC's equipment-repair program includes EPA-certified PCB management

Repair Services

TEC is your single source for transformer repair and recycling services. Our rebuilt electrical equipment meets or exceeds industry standards, and our repair program includes EPA-certified PCB management, assuring compliance with federal regulations. We are equipped to service units up to 25 MVA , 69 KV and 120,000 pounds, including rectangular and circular designs, continuous disk and helical windings, as well as a wide variety of single-phase and three-phase substation transformers.

You can depend on TEC's professional engineering, environmental support, and field maintenance and repair services to keep your yard clean, your records accurate and your business in compliance.

TEC's full range of electrical equipment repair and remanufacturing
services includes:

Transformer Repair

  • Pole-mount and pad-mount power transformers
  • Power transformers (up to 10 MVA, 69 kV)
  • Voltage regulators and oil circuit reclosers

EPA-Certified Disposal Services

  • PCB-contaminated equipment
  • PCB and non-PCB oily soils
  • PCB and non-PCB oils
  • Lab services, oil testing (electrical and PCB)

Other Disposal Services

  • Universal waste (batteries, lamps, ballasts)
  • Scrap recycling of transformer-related equipment