As a manufacturer doing business with TEC, you can realize immediate efficiencies in marketing, sales and distribution. We enjoy long-term relationships with suppliers who have discovered the advantage of TEC's immediate access to a 2-million meter market and 66 distribution cooperative members. Our reputation as a solid, trusted business extends over five decades, an enviable record we're proud of.

Johnny Andrews

Johnny Andrews

Chief Operating Officer
TEC Manufacturing & Distribution Services

TEC is your single point of contact for efficient access
to a $250 million market servicing 2 million meters

TEC Manufacturing & Distribution Services is your company's single-point access to decision makers at 66 electric distribution cooperatives and nine generation and transmission cooperatives, along with multiple regional municipal utilities and industry contractors. You'll immediately benefit from the well-established industry relationships we've built with our members and customers for decades; TEC is the most effective way to reach new customers and streamline your distribution.

Working with TEC offers your company these key benefits:

Trusted Broker
Give your product credibility in a crowded marketplace through TEC's trusted relationship with our customers and cooperative members

Large Regional Market
Access customers who spend more than $250 million annually and provide electricity to over 2 million meters—all in a concentrated area

Single-Point Management
Manage multiple customers through a single contact for reduced overhead, speed and efficiency

Access to Multiple Markets
Reach electric cooperatives, municipals and contractors through a single trusted source

Availability & Shipping
Ensure local availability and rapid delivery of your product using TEC's statewide distribution network

Professional Support Staff
Utilize our staff of qualified industry veterans as your sales staff, representing, distributing and servicing your products