TEC's strength has always been its ability to combine the resources of our members to help them achieve more than they could on their own. Working cooperatively is still the foundation of our organization, and we apply the same principles to benefit our members in today's marketplace.

Johnny Andrews

Johnny Andrews

Chief Operating Officer
TEC Manufacturing & Distribution Services

Buying Power
TEC combines our customers' $250 million purchasing power to leverage the best pricing

TEC leverages the $250 million buying power of 75 electric distribution and generation and transmission cooperatives throughout Texas. This combined buying power gives TEC a strong negotiating position with manufacturers to achieve the best value for our members and municipal customers across the state.

TEC plays a vital role in the buying power of electric co-ops. When negotiating pricing with manufacturers, individual electric cooperatives and many municipalities have historically been disadvantaged compared to large IOUs. Today, TEC's aggregated buying power positions us to negotiate for our customers with the same clout as much larger companies.