TEC Uses Specialized Technology To Help Co-op Count Inventory

March 1, 2013

Texas Electric Cooperative's Manufacturing & Distribution Services recently helped a co-op digitize details about its meter inventory using mobile barcode-reading technology.

When a co-op needed to input end-of-year information about its stock of 10,000 meters into a new back-end customer relations and billing system, the co-op called on TEC's expertise with digitizing inventory.

In about five days before the end of 2012, the M&D staff used mobile barcode scanners to read many of the meters' barcodes and create a spreadsheet summarizing the information. The co-op was then able to import the spreadsheet into its new system.

Johnny Andrews, TEC's chief operating officer of Manufacturing & Distribution Services, said that the project is an example of how the statewide organization is prepared to serve its members on a variety of levels, from warehouse alliances to contract jobs. "It's technology we use everywhere," he said.